Steven J. Ory, M.D.


Ambassador Testimonial by Steven J. Ory, M.D.

Like most of you, I have been immersed in maintaining my professional identity by trying to stay current in our field, maintaining involvement with fellow, resident and student education; and networking with colleagues who share similar outlooks and challenges. For me, ASRM has been the clearinghouse that has provided the forum for many of these activities and has provided the largest common denominator for specialists in reproductive medicine.  ASRM has been an invaluable organization to me for 35 years, providing memorable educational and social experiences both at the annual meeting and through ongoing resources during the rest of the year that includes news, guidance, and contacts. ASRM is a non-profit organization that provides a large number of pro bono services for its members, our patients and the public at large. The cost of providing these benefits has risen and the challenges to its core mission have become more formidable.  I am delighted that so many members have joined me in making donations to the ASRM which have supported a myriad of initiatives. All of us make contributions in one form or another and having the opportunity to donate to the cause that I am most passionate about has been enormously gratifying to me.

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