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New NIH Application Resubmission Policy

May 13 , 2014
by: NIH
Published in News From The Fertility And Infertility Branch of the NIH

As many of you know by now, the NIH has revised its policy on resubmission of applications (  

The policy addresses major concerns raised by many groups regarding the previous limitation of one resubmission of an application and the definition of a new application.  In essence, the new policy allows submission of new applications with identical or similar aims relative to a previous resubmission application.  At first glance, it would appear that advice from NICHD staff may not be as critical as before since one could approach an application with the notion that “it will get funded eventually even if it takes me three or four times (either as a resubmission or new application).”  However, the review criteria and scoring system will remain as is and the paylines/success rates are not expected to move very much in either direction.  Therefore, I would argue that it is even more critical to seek advice from NICHD staff.  Remember, we listen to the reviews of applications and have important insights into whether or not a given application can be improved sufficiently enough to be funded; a fact that is not always evident from the summary statements.  

It is my firm belief that sound advice can save applicants from being mired in an application that has very little chance of garnering funding.  Bottom line: continue to seek advice from FIB staff; we have some of the best program staff at the NIH! 

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