Welcome New ASRM Members!

It is with great pleasure that the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) acknowledges and thanks the following people for their new membership in the Society this month.  

With the support and participation of members like you, ASRM is able to be a nationally and internationally recognized leader for multidisciplinary information, education, advocacy and standards in the field of reproductive medicine.

Welcome to the Society, and thank you!

New ASRM Members

Amy Altamirano - San Antonio, TX

Elena Burnett M.Sc. - Portland, OR

Michelle Castilleja - San Antonio, TX

Agnieszka Chmielowska M.Sc. - Katowice, Poland

Christine Cimo Hemphill M.D. - South Chesterfield, VA

Michelle Danieli B.A.,R.N. - Woodland Hills, CA

Amanda DeBrot B.S. - Irondale, AL

Royce Dueck M.S.N. - Vancouver, BC, Canada

Leah Hooper B.S.,M.S. - Newburgh, IN

Kurt Hughes B.A.,J.D. - Burlington, VT

Young Mee Kim M.D. - Gwangju, South Korea

Devon Klauck B.A.,B.S.N.,M.S.N. - New York, NY

Akram Mehdizadeh Shahi M.D. - Tehran, Iran

Christina Mullen R.N. - Hatboro, PA

Joyce Murty J.D. - Purchase, NY

Debbie Oberlander M.S.W. - Brooklyn, NY

Poonkiat Punyamitr M.D. - Bangkok, Thailand

Stacey Rosenkranz Ph.D. - Tarrytown, NY

Peter Stein M.D. - Princeton Junction, NJ

May Tian B.Sc. - Coquitlam, BC, Canada

Syrena Wade B.S.N.,R.N. - Chicago, IL 



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