08-2013 Case of the Month

What would you do in this this case?

A 38-year-old, recently-married female who strongly desires childbearing has been diagnosed with a malignant gynecologic cancer and asks about her options for surgery and future fertility. 

For which one of the following malignant diagnoses would you consider a fertility-sparing surgical approach? 

A. Stage IA2 small cell cervical cancer
B. Stage IIB cervical squamous cancer
C. Grade 3 endometrial cancer
D. Stage IB1 cervical adenocarcinoma

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Answer A is incorrect: Stage IA2 small cell cervical cancer
 Small cell cervical cancer at any stage is highly lethal and commonly treated with a combination modality including chemotherapy and often pelvic radiation and surgery. Recurrence rates are high and only 30% of stage I cases have long-term remission. Thus, uterine preservation with procedures such as radical trachelectomy is not offered to these patients; however, oocyte retrieval prior to treatment is possible in select cases. 

Answer B is incorrect: Stage IIB cervical squamous cancer
Stage IIB cervical cancer is treated with definitive chemoradiation, thus fertility-sparing surgery (radical trachelectomy) is not possible. The patient may have ovarian transposition or oocyte retrieval prior to definitive pelvic radiation. 

Answer C is incorrect: Grade 3 endometrial cancer
Grade 3 endometrial cancer is treated with total hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy and staging. Many patients will require radiation or chemotherapy. Uterine preservation and ovarian preservation is not offered to women with high-grade endometrial cancer. Select cases may undergo pre-hysterectomy oocyte retrieval. 

Answer D is CORRECT: Stage IB1 cervical adenocarcinoma
Stage IB1 cervical adenocarcinoma or squamous carcinoma is highly curable with radical trachelectomy, a fertility-sparing surgery. The majority of cases will not need radiation or chemotherapy and can go on to conceive and deliver.

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