Postgraduate Program Courses 12-23 on Sunday

Date:October 19, 2014

Time:8:15 am - 5:00 pm

Location:Hawaii Convention Center

Lunch is from Noon - 1:00 pm

Courses PG1-PG11 are one-day courses on Saturday.
Courses PG12-PG22 are one-day courses on Sunday.
Course PG23 is a one-day workshop on Sunday.
Course PG24 is a half-day hands-on intensive on Monday.

For more information visit the Postgraduate Program page

  • PG12 Improving Your Practice with Analytical Data - Room HCC316A
  • PG13 InterProfessional Course: Preservation of Ovarian Function in Chronic Disease: Cryopreservation, Medical/Surgical Interventions, and Educational Opportunities - Room HCC315
  • PG14 Epidemiology and Experimental Design: Using Evidence-Based Medicine to Understand Contraceptive Controversies - Room HCC313A
  • PG15 From Spermatogenesis to More Take-Home Babies - The Importance of the Sperm - Room HCC313B
  • PG16 Obesity, Nutrition, and Fertility - Room HCC316B
  • PG17 Ovulatory Dysfunction: Medical, Surgical, and ART Alternative Management - Room HCC313C
  • PG18 InterProfessional Course: The Embryo: Creation, Conflict, and Controversy - Room HCC316C
  • PG19 InterProfessional Course: A Womb With a View – Exploring the Complexities of the Uterus - Room HCC312
  • PG20 Preventing and Managing Endoscopic Complications: A Hands-on Course - Room HCC317
  • PG21 Vitrification: A Hands-on Course - Room HCC314
  • PG22 InterProfessional Course: Managing Informed Consent In ART: Unique Medical, Legal, and Operational Challenges in Evolving Relationships, Practices, and Technologies - Room HCC318
  • PG23 WAR  - Room: Fertility and Sterility Workshop for Authors, Reviewers, and Readers - HILTON So Pacific 1 & 2


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