Awards Presentation and ASRM Members' Meeting

Date:October 22, 2014

Time:9:45 am - 10:30 am

Location:HCC Ballroom - Hawaii Convention Center

ASRM 2014 Scientific Program Awards Prize Papers (2 equal awards) 

  • $1000 
  • 1 Year free membership in ASRM 
  • Free registration for ASRM 2015 
O-3 – M. I. Cedars, M. Bleil, C.-N. Kao, T. Carranza, E. Epel, J. Lin, E. Blackburn, M.P. Rosen University of California San Francisco “Do common underlying mechanisms make the ovary a window onto general health risk for disease development?” 

O-6 – Y. Yamauchi, N. Vernet, J.M. Riel, P.S. Burgoyne, M.A. Ward University of Hawaii “Only three Y chromosome genes are enough for obtaining sperm functional in assisted fertilization and yielding live offspring in the mouse.”   

Prize Posters 

  • FIRST PRIZE ($500) P-49 E. Chang, W. Lee, Y. Choi, E.-J. Lim, T. Yoon, S. Ryu, M. Park CHA Gangnam Medical Center “Cisplatin induces over activation of the dormant primordial follicle pool through PTEN/P13K signaling, resulting in loss of ovarian reserve” 
  • SECOND PRIZE ($300) P-483 A.L. Gentry, E. Evans-Hoeker, B.A. Lessey, L. Yuan, S.L. Young Virginia Tech, University of North Carolina, University of South Carolina “Does the endometrium synthesize progesterone?” 
  • THIRD PRIZE ($200) P-288 R.J. Heitmann, R.P. Weitzel, J.F. Tisdale, E.F. Wolff Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development “Adoptive transfer of TREGS after native TREG knockdown improves litter sizes back to baseline levels in a murine model”


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