AAGL Film Festival Video Session

Date:October 22, 2014

Time:11:15 am - 1:00 pm

Location:HCC310 - Hawaii Convention Center

Introduction 11:15 AM


AAGL-V1 11:25 AM
Combined Laparoscopic and Hysteroscopic Approach to a Cervical Ectopic Pregnancy
Astrid von Walter Gonzalez

AAGL-V2 11:32 AM
Robotic Removal of Cesarean Scar Ectopic and Hysterotomy Revision
Matthew Siedhoff

AAGL-V3 11:40 AM
Laparoscopic Management of a Cornual Ectopic Pregnancy
Brooke Winner

AAGL-V4 11:47 AM
The Diverse Hysteroscopic Appearance in Cases of Retained Products of Conception
Noam Smorgick

Discussion 11:54 AM


AAGL-V5 11:59 AM
Anatomy The Retroperitoneum: Practical Clinical Anatomy and Dissection
Bich-Van Tran

AAGL-V6 12:06 PM
Anatomy Retroperitoneal Dissection of the Uterine Artery in Common Surgical Scenarios
Astrid von Walter Gonzalez

Discussion 12:13 PM


AAGL-V7 12:18 PM
Laparoscopic Resection of the Large Broad Ligament Fibroid
Jonathan Song

AAGL-V8 12:26 PM
Strategies To Minimize Blood Loss during a Myomectomy
Enrique Soto

Discussion 12:34


AAGL-V9 12:39 PM
Vasopressin Hydrodissection for Ovarian Cysts: A Demonstration of Technique
Lee Hammons

AAGL-V10 12:47 PM
Surgical Techniques and Applications of Monopolar Energy
Cara King

Discussion 12:55 PM


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