State Laws concerning insurance available for infertility treatment vary widely across the United States.

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Important Change in CPT Coding for 2015 for Practitioners in the Field of ART

Lobbying for Better Access to Contraception

Should More Young Women Consider Freezing Their Eggs?

Did You Know: IUDs Are Growing in Popularity for Contraception

When Conception Is Not Reality: 1 in 8 Couples Struggles to Get and Stay Pregnant

Most State Infertility Insurance Mandates Leave Out the Male

Administration Issues New Accommodation on Contraception Requirement

ASRM Board Member Writes on Contraception as Health Care, Not a Religious Issue

American Society for Reproductive Medicine Comments on Hobby Lobby Decision Statement Attributable to Rebecca Sokol, MD, President

ASRM Strongly Objects to Today's Supreme Court Decision

New Report Recommends Policy and Practice Changes in Fertility Treatment for Fewer Multiple Births

One-Year Doc Payment Fix Signed Into Law

America's Reproductive Medical Specialists Speak on Hobby Lobby Case

How will Infertility Care Be Affected by the Affordable Care Act?

RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association to Host Event on the Affordable Care Act and Its Impact on State Infertility Mandates

ASRM Joins Amicus Brief Supporting ACA's Contraception Coverage

ASRM Joins Medical Societies to File Amicus Brief in Support of the Affordable Care Act’s Contraception Benefit

Ethics and Assisted Reproductive Technology Is the Theme of January’s Virtual Mentor

FIGO Committee on Reproductive Medicine Task Force in India

View point: Strategies to improve access to quality infertility care in South Africa

Coding Corner Questions

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Billing Lab Procedures for IVF

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Coding

Transgender injections post surgery

Adenomyoma of uterine wall excision with repair

Diagnosis code for follicle ultrasound with FET

Billing for 3-D Sonography

Is there a billing tip for getting reimbursed for a sac check at the end of an IVF cycle?

Fertility preservation reimbursement

Is there a CPT code for mock embryo transfer prior to IVF?

Coding education and teaching for injectable medications

Ovulation management fee for ovulation induction

Can a Skype interview be coded as a new patient visit?

Does an REI have to code the initial consult as infertility prior to making the diagnosis?

How to code ultrasound follicle checks and labs for IUI after clomiphene treatment

Code for scratch test

Billing for Oocyte Retrieval-Donor Egg

Best code for laparoscopic tubal anastomosis?

Appropriate coding for nursing staff interaction and cycle management conferences during ovulation-induction cycles

Can I Bill Separately for Interpretation of Semen Analysis Results

Can I use diagnosis codes for ovarian dysfunction for IUI or IVF

What is the ICD-9 code for oligo-ovulation

Billing 89250 and 89251 on separate days of the same cycle

Code for Monitoring Patients During Ovulation Induction for IVF and IUI

ICD-9 code for recurrent implantation failure

Coding for a mock embryo transfer

Coding for the infertility testing phase

Billing for multiple procedures during laparoscopy

Follicular monitoring for a PCO patient undergoing fertility treatment

Coding for test transfer of embryo catheter in a patient with previous cancer surgery

Diagnostic hysteroscopy when no abnormalities are found

Twin pregnancy and transvaginal/transabdominal ultrasound

Correct coding for evaluation to determine infertility



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