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This column highlights activities submitted by ASRM Members from countries outside the United States.

Toronto Fertility Clinic Offers Controversial Egg Treatment For Women That Can Extend Child-Bearing Years

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine January 30, 2015

A Canadian fertility clinic has become the first in North America to offer women a way to add new life to old eggs, extending her child-bearing years and stirring fresh controversy in the largely unregulated world of assisted baby making.

Tax Court: Egg Donor Compensation Should Be Included in Income

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine January 29, 2015

The Tax Court has held that an egg donor must include in income the compensation she received from an egg donation agency that matches egg donors with women and couples struggling to conceive on their own.

Better Outcomes for Children Born With Fertility Treatments

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine January 29, 2015

Over the past two decades, the health of children born with the help of fertility treatments has improved substantially, according to a new study.

Anti-Mullerian Hormone Helps Assess Aging Mares' Fertility

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine January 29, 2015

Equine researchers at the University of Kentucky (UK) have been chasing anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH, which is produced by cells in fetal testes as well as granulosa cells) for quite some time. They've determined they can use it to test for cryptorchidism in male horses as well as ovarian tumors in mares. Now, they're trying to see if the hormone can predict an aging mare's remaining follicle count.

Important Change in CPT Coding for 2015 for Practitioners in the Field of ART

ASRM Announcements January 28, 2015

Until recently, the cryopreservation of mature oocytes has been considered experimental and was reported in CPT using a Category III code.

Planning for the Future: Technology Advances Fertility Options

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine January 28, 2015

Freezing eggs and embryos for infertility treatment and family planning has become more successful thanks to advances in technology. But the practice comes with many questions parents must consider.

Parenting After Infertility — Why Am I Still Sad?

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine January 28, 2015

For most couples, parenting after infertility brings solace and a relationship that is long awaited. But for some, the undercurrent of feelings related to infertility continues to read its ugly head.

NYC Blizzard Likely to Increase Fertility Rates

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine January 27, 2015

As a major snow blizzard is hitting the Northeast, millions prepare for the worst by piling up on grocery staples, backup supplies, and "quality time" with each other that could lead to a baby boom. Winter Storm Juno is predicted to bring more than 2 feet of snow and put couples in the mood to make blizzard babies.

Thyroid Trouble May Harm Women's Fertility: Study

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine January 27, 2015

Experts urge routine testing of glandular function for women who have problems conceiving.

BPA Exposure May Change Stem Cells, Lower Sperm Production

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine January 23, 2015

BPA and other estrogenic compounds hamper development of the stem cells responsible for producing sperm in mice, which suggests such exposure could contribute to declining sperm counts in men, according to a new study.


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