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Infertility: Causes, Remedies and Options

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine April 24, 2015

Baby-making seems easy. There is a lot of education, even anxiety, around preventing unwanted pregnancy once we become sexually active. But many couples dealing with infertility would dispute the notion that getting pregnant is as simple as shelving birth control. Dr. Jamie Grifo, program director for NYU's Fertility Center, sees struggling couples in his clinic every day.

An App for Hacking Fertility Now Also Works for Men

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine April 24, 2015

In our culture, reproduction is often seen as women’s work. From pregnancy to childbirth through nursing a newborn child, women are often expected to take the central role in creating new life by default. Similarly, when problems of infertility arise, the focus is often slanted toward females.

Infertility: When Adoption Is Not an Option

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine April 24, 2015

Justine Brooks Froelker said her infertility journey, which has not resulted in that "adorable picture of the 'complete' family, baby and all," makes people uncomfortable and sad.Instead of getting angry and frustrated when she gets the question, as a therapist she shifts into educator mode and tries to help people understand that adoption is an "awesome option" for many families but it wasn't on the table for her and her husband.

Preventing Deformed Limbs: Researchers Find New Link Between Physical Forces and Limb Development

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine April 23, 2015

University of Toronto engineers and a pediatric surgeon have joined forces to discover how physical forces like pressure and tension affect the development of limbs in embryos—research that could someday be used to help prevent birth defects.

Sofia Vergara Lawsuit Teaches Lesson For Couples Seeking IVF

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine April 22, 2015

It began with an anonymous court filing pitting “John Doe” against “Jane Doe.”  It didn’t take long for Jane and John to be identified publicly as Modern Family‘s Sophia Vergara and creator of the Onion Crunch, Nick Loeb.  Formerly engaged to be married, the ex-couple now is heading to court battling against each other over what could be a drawn-out debate involving the fundamental question:  When does life begin?

Women and Cancer: Options for Preserving Fertility

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine April 22, 2015

As the rates of cancer continue to increase, largely because of early detection and diagnosis, the number of women looking into preserving their fertility is also on the rise.

At a Crossroads: 4 Infertility Journeys

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine April 22, 2015

We asked our readers to share these stories of their journeys during Infertility Awareness Week. They opened up about their successes and failures, their tears and smiles.

What Causes Infertility? Learn The Truth Behind These 8 Common Myths

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine April 21, 2015

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve known that I’ve wanted to have children; but ever since I was 22, when I began to hear some of the most prominent myths about what causes infertility, I’ve been worried that I would never be able to have them.

Editorial: Infertility Bill Would Be Misuse of State Power; Judging Whether Women Are Morally Worthy of Medical Care Has No Place in Maine

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine April 21, 2015

Maine does not use the pillory or the stocks to shame people for perceived sin, but that isn’t stopping some lawmakers from trying to do the same thing with the insurance code.

Things to Know About the Sperm Bank Industry

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine April 20, 2015

Sperm banking is a huge industry that has been around for decades but one that is relatively loosely regulated in the U.S. Here are some things to know about the industry.


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