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Preventing Male Infertility: 12 Natural Ways to Make Healthy Sperm

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine November 24, 2014

For about 30 percent of couples struggling with infertility, the cause has something to do with the male’s health, according to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Even if your guy’s semen analysis results come back normal, there are still things that could be affecting your chances of getting pregnant.

Culture Characteristics Not Associated with Birthweight from Assisted Reproduction

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine November 24, 2014

1. The type of culture media and the duration of embryo culture were not associated with changes in birthweight in singletons born using assisted reproductive technologies (ART).2. These findings contradict previous studies.   

Egg Freezing’s Popularity is Booming, But It’s a Choice That Offers No Guarantees

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine November 21, 2014

After the abrupt end of her marriage, Tiffany Angelo gave herself a few months to grieve. Then she moved on. Not to the next romance, but to something she could plan for: the children she deeply desired and would still have. With or without her ex.

The Potential Minefield of Gay Parenthood

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine November 20, 2014

Gay parenthood can be joyful – or go disastrously wrong, as two recent news stories have shown. What are the dangers of surrogacy and co-parenting?

Mutation Boosts Paternal Age’s Autism-Like Effects in Mice

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine November 20, 2014

Mice born to older males with mutations in PAX6 — a gene involved in brain development — vocalize less than those with younger dads. The unpublished findings, presented today at the 2014 Society for Neuroscience annual meeting in Washington, D.C., suggest how genes and paternal age can work together to trigger symptoms.

ASRM Celebrates November as National Adoption Month

Press Releases November 19, 2014

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine joins in recognizing November as National Adoption Month.  First proclaimed by President Bill Clinton in November 1995, it is a month to acknowledge the special families brought into being through love and hard work, rather than biology, and to share information and encouragement with those who are on the adoption road to family-building.

Egg-Freezing Shindigs Aren’t Like Tupperware Parties

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine November 19, 2014

The latest trend in assisted reproduction is egg-freezing parties, sales events often described as the “new Tupperware parties.”

CMC Helps Pave The Way For A New Treatment For Infertility

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine November 19, 2014

Neri Thompson is like many women.  She suffers from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), a common testosterone imbalance that often leads to infertility.  In fact, it's the most common hormonal disorder in reproductive-age women.  She found out about it when she and her husband were ready to have a family just over seven years ago.  

Unexplained Infertility Explained

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine November 18, 2014

In the months before I turned thirty my husband I decided it was time to grow our family, we had been married for almost three years, were very much in love and both wanted children. It was time! It soon became apparent that it wasn't time after all. Month after month there was so sign of conception and the "baby making" that had once been fun and exciting became mechanical, draining and at times bordered on unpleasant. This devastated me. My whole life I held a philosophy that hard work and following the rules garnered the desired results. My whole foundation was shattered.

Conception Is A Process

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine November 18, 2014

Earlier this month voters in two U.S. States, Colorado and North Dakota, considered new laws that would bolster the legal rights of a fetus before birth. Neither of these ballot initiatives passed, but they’re part of a “personhood movement” that’s been gaining notoriety among pro-life advocates since about 2008. Reading about this movement in the press  has made me wonder about the slippery, contentious, and profound meaning of “personhood.”


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