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Abortion Politics Shelves Vote on IVF for Vets Bill

ASRM Bulletins July 28, 2015

Legislation (S 469) to extend IVF coverage to veterans with a service-related condition that resulted in the veteran being unable to procreate without the use of the technology was pulled from consideration by the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee today due to partisan politics having to do with abortion.

Biological clock Ticking? What You Need to Know About Freezing Your Eggs.

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine July 28, 2015

When Apple and Facebook announced last year that they would cover elective egg freezing for their female workers, the companies sparked a lot of curiosity about this procedure. The ability to put motherhood on hold by preserving your eggs for future use seemed like an alluring way to ease the babymaking pressure for couples who are meeting and marrying later in life.

I'm an Unintended Consequence... I'm an Infertility Advocate

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine July 27, 2015

Since its inception, more than five million babies worldwide have been born as a result of IVF. And currently, one percent of all U.S. babies are born as a result of IVF each year. Despite its utilization over the past 34 years and the advancements in the science behind the procedure, the politics and "social acceptance" of undergoing IVF have not changed much at all. Infertility is a disease; the reasons for using IVF, and even getting access to it, are misunderstood and often impacted by the policies of the pro-life movement.

The Ad That Cracked China's Infertility Taboo

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine July 27, 2015

The flash deal was unlike any that had appeared before on the Chinese group-buying website Juhuasuan: Qualified young men could be paid as much as 5,000 yuan ($805) for making a donation to a government-run sperm bank. The colorful advertisement only appeared for two days on the site owned by the e-commerce titan Alibaba, but it received 22,017 responses.

Understanding Your Fertility Health

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine July 23, 2015

For some, those years spent putting off having a child can lead to struggles conceiving later. Approximately 85% of people have no trouble getting pregnant after a short period of time.  In fact, approximately 50% percent will be pregnant after 3 months, and 75% of couples will be pregnant after 6 months. But what if you are in that remaining 15%? One in eight couples struggles with infertility.

Congress Scuttles Bill on Fertility Treatments for Troops, Vets

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine July 23, 2015

The hopes of veterans who need help starting a family as a result of injuries sustained in combat were dashed Wednesday when Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., pulled a bill that would have allowed the Veterans Affairs Department to fund fertility treatments.

China has Fertility Woes so Alibaba is Buying Sperm

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine July 23, 2015

Thanks to Alibaba, China’s answer to eBay, more 20,000 men just made a very quick buck. From July 15 to 17, the e-commerce giant advertised a special deal offering 5,000 yuan — about $800 — to sperm donors. The initiative was an attempt to help restock Chinese sperm banks, which are currently going weathering a bit of a drought.

Study: Men Also Have Biological Clock When it Comes to Fertility

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine July 22, 2015

The belief that women’s age is the only thing that matters when it comes to fertility might be wrong. A study from the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine finds men have a biological clock too.

Will Patients Accept Fewer Embryo Transfers?

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine July 22, 2015

It is well known that a singleton pregnancy carries the lowest risk to the mother and newborn. Therefore, the delivery of a full-term, healthy singleton is considered the best outcome after the use of assisted reproductive technology (ART).

Denver's Only Kaiser Permanente Fertility Clinic Closes

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine July 20, 2015

Skyline Medical infertility clinic's closure disrupts care for several hundred patients


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