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The NPG Web Message Board is an open forum designed to allow nurses and other health professionals to discuss issues surrounding reproductive medicine.

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About the NPG Web Message Board

Although the board can be viewed by anyone (simply click the links available on the Board to view the contents), to post you'll need to login or register with the Board.  You'll see the Login/Join link on the right-hand side near the top of the board.

How to Make a new Post to the NPG Web Message Board

  1. Login to the Board
  2. Click on a Topic in the Forum column
  3. Click New then Discussion (a new window will pop up)
  4. Type in a subject for your post and then a message
  5. Click Post Now

How to Reply to a Post

  1. Login to the Board
  2. Click on the Post you'd like to Reply to
  3. At the bottom of the post, you'll see a Reply button to click
  4. Type your reply
  5. Click Post Now

How to get the Board to send you an email with any new posts

  1. Login to the Board
  2. Click Go on the upper Left and then Personal Zone
  3. Under Personal Settings, click Notifications
  4. On the right click Edit
  5. Check the notifications you'd like to receive from the board and then click Add Notification
  6. Now on the left click Preferences and go down to Posting Options.
  7. Choose the Notification you'd like to use
  8. Click submit

Use of Discussion Lists / Message Boards

Any information that Visitors disclose in the Discussion Forums is by design shared with the public and is not confidentially maintained.  Visitors should think carefully before disclosing any information, and particularly any personally identifiable information, personal health information, or patient identifiable information, in the Discussion Forums.  Because of the nature of the Discussion Forums any information Visitors disclose may be accessed, disclosed or collected by third parties and as a result may be used by such third parties in ways that ASRM is unable to control or predict. Physicians or health care professionals, whether or not they are ASRM Members, accessing or using the ASRM/NPG Website and particularly the Discussion Forums should not disclose any patient identifiable information that would allow other visitors (ASRM Members and/or non-Members) to determine the identity of a particular client/patient.  When discussing a patient's particular condition, Visitors should not reveal a patient's name, address or any other information that would directly or indirectly identify a particular patient. For more information, please see the ASRM/NPG Web Site Terms & Conditions of Use


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