15. What are the posting guidelines?

  • Posts should be professional and remain on topic.  Never send virus warnings, petitions or mass mailings to be "forwarded" by the List members.
  • Subject Lines in a post should be very specific so that List members will know what your post is about.  Subjects such as "problems" or "interesting information" do not tell List members much about your email.  Using a subject such as "ovum donor evaluation" or "referral needed for Virginia" will not only make your post more eye-catching, but also easier to search from the Archives.
  • The Discussion List Coordinator recommends that each person sign their email post with their full name so that all List members know who's posting to the List. Simply using a return email or a nickname is not always enlightening.  Additionally, you may want to add a signature file to the end of your emails so that other information is available (e.g. telephone number, Web site). All new email software programs allow users to create signature files which can be automatically appended to the end of each email.  
  • If you wish to send a short message, such as "thank you" to a specific List member, send it to the intended List member and not the entire List.
  • Commentary on the Discussion List does not represent official policies of the ASRM, any of its professional or special interest groups, or necessarily the views of all of its members.  Do no quote peer opinions as formal policy. Opinions expressed in posts or in posted research are those of the individual poster and do not necessarily reflect the policies of the ASRM.
  • Confidential information should never be disclosed on the Discussion List as the Internet is a public forum.  Please take care not to disclose confidential information that could lead to the identification of a client/patient, and remember to disclose only the information necessary to receive a helpful consultation.
  • Do not post copyrighted materials without the express permission of the author or publisher.  If you wish to recommend an article to the Discussion List, please either summarize the article or link to the article, do not post the full article to the List.  This is a violation of copyright.


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