12. How does Digest Mode work? And how does Digest mode compare to non-digest mode?

When you sign up for a Discussion List, the default mode is called "Digest Mode." With Digest Mode, you will not receive emails during the day as people post to the List. Instead, you'll receive one "digest" email at the end of the day which contains all the posts, thus far, for that day. Here is a quick comparison chart between Digest and Non-Digest:

Non-Digest Mode vs. Digest Mode
Feature   Non-Digest Mode  Digest Mode
How often will I receive postings?  Every time a member posts to the List.  Most members like this mode.  Once a day.  The main drawback being that with the variety of email programs being used by List members, different email formatting can be a hassle to read through.
Can I reply to a particular message?  Yes. When you reply to message, your post automatically gets put into the original message thread, in the List Archives.

Yes, you can reply to a particular message, but you will need to do the following:

1) Change the Subject line to something meaningful (it will say something like "ARM digest, Vol 1 #13 - 6 msgs")

2) In the body of the email, remove the postings that are not related to your message, and keep the posting that is related to your message.

In the List Archives, your posting will show as a new message thread.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Digest versus Non-Digest?  Non-Digest is helpful if:

a) you need to see the messages as they are posted (e.g., a discussion about a policy that needs to be resolved that day).

b) you want to be able to quickly reply to a particular message.

Digest is helpful if: 

a) you want to reduce the number of emails you receive.

b) the postings are not time-critical for you (e.g. perhaps you want to casually read everything at the end of the day.

Can I change between Digest and Non-Digest as need be?  Yes, you can, however, on the day you change, you might receive extra emails. Yes, you can, however, on the day you change, you might receive extra emails. 


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