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ASRM has been awarded OBGYN.net's Award of Outstanding Achievement. OBGYN.net regularly selects individuals or organizations that have significantly contributed to the Women's Health community through the use of Internet technology. Recipients will receive a certificate and be granted the privilege to display the award logo (displayed above) on their Web site.

OBGYN.net: How are you better serving the Ob/Gyn and Women's Health community with Internet Technology?

ASRM: The ASRM Web Site hosts a variety of information for the Women's Health Professional. From Guidelines to Practice, Ethics Reports, online access to our medical journals, even patient information, we try to anticipate what will be of interest to OB/GYNs and what will also help them in their practice. The site even houses a daily list of links to news articles about reproductive medicine.

OBGYN.net:How do you manage your website? Is it managed internally or externally?

ASRM: The ASRM Web Site is primarily managed internally, with most of the content coming straight from our publications staff and directly uploaded to our servers. This allows us to update our site daily and keep it as current as possible for our users.

OBGYN.net: What areas represent the greatest opportunities for ASRM utilizing the Internet in the future? What plans are on the horizon?

ASRM: The ASRM is looking forward to making the ASRM Web Site more interactive, making it more of a combined effort between ASRM and the viewer to achieve CME, find information, and respond back to ASRM with what visitors to the site find useful and think are important.

OBGYN.net:What has been your greatest challenges in using the Internet?

ASRM: Keeping up with and evaluating the efficacy of using newer technology! There are so many interesting ways of presenting information but there's a fine line between flashy and merely annoying when your users don't have a lot of time to waste clicking through useless screens and animations.

OBGYN.net:How do you believe the Internet has changed the way you service your members?

ASRM: The ASRM has definitely benefited from the instant access of email and the Internet. Now announcements that used to take weeks to arrive can be sent almost instantly. Our Call for Abstracts is completely online, allowing us more time to process and organize our Annual Meeting so that it can be more entertaining and informative for attendees.

OBGYN.net:What is the future for the Ob/Gyn community on the Internet- what do you believe is possible?

ASRM: The Internet has opened up a whole new way of Networking among the Ob/Gyn community. Colleagues that only saw each other once or twice a year at scientific meetings can now keep in touch through email despite being half a world away from each other. Online Discussion Lists allow members to discuss research, case examples and protocol issues among their peers who can give a fresh perspective to what used to be insular decision-making. 



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