2014 ARM Mentor Program

Dear ARM Member:

The ARM Executive Board is working on launching our Mentoring Committee and the ARM Mentoring Program.  This is an exciting opportunity to get to know other members and share valuable information.  The Mentoring objective has always been to assist in the sharing of “best practices” with our membership.  

The ARM Mentoring Program is designed to connect ASRM’s ARM members with each other in a professional mentoring relationship. The goal of the program is for members with experience and insight in certain areas to assist those members who may want to learn more about a certain area.  While this is the goal of all ARM events and training, the mentoring program will allow for more immediate and specific sharing of information among members.  There are different specialties in managing a REI practice; and our goal is to encourage positive learning opportunities.  Some areas that may be useful for a mentoring relationship are:


  • Setting up a practice
  • Building out an office space/laboratory for REI
  • Marketing
  • Billing and Coding
  • Human Resources Questions
  • Customer Service
  • Social Media 
  • HIPAA Management


The mentoring relationship will be completely voluntary between members.  Members who are interested in the program should complete the Mentor Request Form. They will then be appropriately matched with a mentor or mentee. It is a requirement of the program that both mentors and mentees be current ARM members.  Communication between the two parties can be made in the most convenient manner for them - whether it is in person, via phone or via email.   Any discussions should remain in general terms and not reference any specific cases.  The amount of time and contact shall be determined by each individual mentoring team, but ARM recommends at least quarterly discussions. 

At this time, we are soliciting current members for both mentors and mentees.  If you have experience in an area of business/practice management in which you consider yourself an expert, please share your knowledge by volunteering to be a mentor.  If you are new to the REI field, or are just looking for some more expertise in a certain area, please sign up as a mentee. Attached is a form that will help the Mentoring Committee effectively match up members.

Thank you in advance for your participation!


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