TSIG Message from the Chair

Dear Members of the Turkish SIG:

We finally had our first meeting as an official group at the 2013 IFFS/ASRM Conjoint Meeting in Boston. At this well-attended meeting, we discussed potential strategies for using the interest group to harness the strength of what could be the largest international group within the ASRM.

Not only will the group seek to bring the Turkish-American clinician-scientists together with their Turkish counterparts, but it will also aim to reach a consensus among the various reproductive medicine and gynecologic societies in Turkey and neighboring countries. Moreover, the group plans to make bringing educational standards in line with ASRM guidelines and committee opinions a primary goal.

The first task of our two-person electronic communications committee, comprised of Dr. Ertug Kovanci (U.S.) and Dr. Hulusi Zeyneloglu (Turkey), will be to make sure that we implement the most effective means of communication possible for creating unity and reaching these objectives. Because the most direct route to harmony is through unimpeded communication, I hope that our group will set an example through exchanges characterized by mutual respect and collaboration among all of our members.

We already have our sights set on the 2015 ASRM Scientific Program. As the largest international group in ASRM, we will be bidding for postgraduate courses, symposia, and interactive sessions. We also hope to reserve a few roundtable discussions for the group, and, even more significantly, schedule an early morning symposium that will bring together the prominent reproductive medicine and gynecologic societies in Turkey under a single session.

I am looking forward to a productive two-year term with you.        

Kutluk Oktay, M.D.
Chair, TSIG


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