News & Publications is endowed by a gift from Advanced Reproductive Care, Inc. and Rosemary & David Adamson, M.D.


December 7 , 2013
by: ASRM

The ASRM Electronic Patient and Public Education Website is endowed by Advanced Reproductive Care, Inc. founded by Rosemary and David Adamson, M.D.

Advanced Reproductive Care, Inc. is the nation’s largest network of fertility clinics, with clinics in the network performing over one quarter of all IVF cycles nationally.  Founded by Dr. David Adamson, who is a board certified reproductive endocrinologist, ARC has been providing treatment options that have helped tens of thousands of people build their families since 1997. The physicians who are part of the ARC network have committed to providing high quality patient care and support services by following ASRM practice and ethics guidelines.

Thank you to Dr. David and Mrs. Rosemary Adamson for their endowment supporting ASRM's Patient Website Their generosity makes it possible for ASRM to provide informational resources easily accessible to the general public.

This Web page contains links to miscellaneous ASRM announcements that do not fall into a typical publication category (e.g., Press Releases or News Briefs).

Also see: FDA announcements and NIH announcements


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