Nursing Center of Excellence

If at least half of your nursing staff has completed the Certificate Course, your practice will be eligible to use the Nursing Center of Excellence emblem.

The use of this symbol indicates that at least 50 percent of your practice’s registered nurses and/ or nurse practitioners are experienced in reproductive endocrinology nursing and have completed the additional training in this area through the ASRM eLearn® Nurse Certificate Course in REI. Practices that have successfully met these criteria are eligible to receive and display the symbol on their websites and other marketing materials. The names of nurses who have completed the course may also be listed along with the emblem.

ASRM sincerely believes that nurses have such a key role in patient education and satisfaction that seeing this emblem on a practice’s website with the quote, “A Symbol of Nursing Excellence” will not only assist patients in choosing your fertility center for care, but will additionally help nurses recognize the importance of advanced continuing education, thereby both benefiting your practice and increasing educational opportunities for your nurses.

Below is a current list of programs that have been accepted into the Nursing Center of Excellence:

Nursing Center of Excellence

  • The Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science at Saint Barnabas, PA
  • Kettering Reproductive Medicine
  • Wisconsin Fertility Institute
  • Center for Reproductive Medicine
  • Aurora Fertility
  • Center for Reproductive Care of Exeter Hospital
  • Mississippi Reproductive Medicine
  • Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey
  • RMA of Texas
  • Specialists in Reproductive Medicine
  • Tennessee Reproductive Medicine
  • Premier Fertility Center
  • Reproductive Resource Center
  • Partners Reproductive Medicine Center
  • SIU Fertility and IVF Center
  • Fertility Centers of New England
  • Center for Reproductive Health at University of California San Francisco
  • The Center for Reproductive Medicine
  • Seattle Reproductive Medicine
  • IVF1
  • Troche Fertility Centers
  • Women & Infants Center for Reproduction and Infertility
  • Pacific Centre for Reproductive Medicine
  • Pacific Fertility Center
  • Penn Fertility Center
  • Fertility and IVF Center of Miami
  • Fertility Institute-Navicent Health
  • Kentucky Fertility Institute
List of Current COE members

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