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Howard and Georgeanna Jones Foundation for Reproductive Medicine Announces New Grant Opportunities

December 10 , 2013
by: ASRM Office of Public Affairs
Published in ASRM Bulletin Volume 15, Number 43

The Howard and Georgeanna Jones Foundation for Reproductive Medicine, a nonprofit organization that supports scientific and medical research in the field of reproductive medicine, has announced three new grant opportunities.
The Jones Foundation asked ASRM to share news of these opportunities with the Society’s members.  These are not ASRM grants.  ASRM has no involvement in reviewing applications for the Howard and Georgeanna Jones Foundation or in making the awards. 
The Foundation will award two Young Investigators Achievement Awards to help foster the career development of young research investigators working in approved reproductive medicine fellowship programs or young research investigators (at the level of instructor through associate professor) in the field of reproductive medicine at accredited medical schools in the United States. The proposed research must be focused on new discoveries in basic and clinical sciences with current or potential impact on the understanding and treatment of infertility. Preference will be given to investigations that target improvement in the efficiency of in vitro fertilization. Grants will be in the amount of $60,000 for a period of one year.
The Foundation will award one Research Grant in Reproductive Medicine to fund an innovative research project dedicated to attempting to identify human fertilized eggs that have pregnancy potential. Funds may be used for support of a new or ongoing research/clinical investigation project, and the candidate must spend at least 80 percent of his or her time in research. The grant provides $100,000 for a period of one year. A second year of funding may be awarded upon review of a progress report and re-application.
Applications will be accepted beginning December 1, 2013, and ending February 28, 2014.

Please visit the Jones Foundation website for complete program guidelines and application requirements.

About the Howard and Georgeanna Jones Foundation for Reproductive Medicine:
Founded in 1985, the Jones Foundation is a non-profit organization that solicits funds from the general public to support scientific and medical research in the field of reproductive medicine.  In additional to providing research grants to deserving scientific investigators, the Foundation Board of Directors are prepared to serve in an advisory capacity to the agencies it supports. The Foundation may also sponsor seminars which would be designed to evaluate public policy issues related to reproductive medicine in order to educate the general public and attempt to improve the human condition.

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