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The following links have been gleaned from current news to help keep you informed on reproductive medicine's impact on our world. Note:  Some newspapers and periodicals require free registration to access their online articles. The links on this page may expire within a week of posting; however, most news web sites keep online archives with articles offered either free or available for purchase. WARNING! THE ASRM HAS NOT REVIEWED THE CONTENTS OF THE EXTERNAL WEB SITES LISTED ON THIS PAGE, NOR CAN WE ENDORSE THEM OR THE VIEWS EXPRESSED WITHIN.  

New PCOS Research May Offer Hope in Infertility Struggle

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine August 31, 2015

A new PCOS research may offer hope in infertility struggle

Light Therapy Seems to Boost Fertility in Mouse Model

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine August 31, 2015

Targeting circadian clock disruption could prove to be an effective treatment for age-related impaired fertility, and fertility issues in younger women, that may be exacerbated by disruptions in light-dark cycles, according to early animal studies.

Antidepressants Affect Fertility

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine August 31, 2015

More than one quarter of Americans suffer from some form of mental illness and the number of patients treated with antidepressants continues to rise. Additionally, anxiety and depression are becoming more prevalent among couples trying to have children, and so medications prescribed to treat these disorders are also increasingly common. What isn't clear is the impact mental health and the use of such treatments has on fertility, and whether untreated mental illness is detrimental to fertility.

Three Generations of Swedish Family Linked by Same Womb After Pioneering Surgery: 'I Am a Part of History'

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine August 28, 2015

One woman's womb has linked three generations in Sweden thanks to a progressive surgery being hailed as the most important breakthrough in fertility treatments since in vitro fertilization.

New Embryo Image Processing Technology Could Assist in IVF Implantation Success Rates

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine August 28, 2015

A collaboration between biologists and engineers at Monash University has led to the development of a new non-invasive image processing technique to visualise embryo formation. Researchers were able to see, for the first time, the movement of all of the cells in living mammalian embryos as they develop under the microscope. This breakthrough has important implications for IVF (in vitro fertilisation) treatments and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD).

Boy celebrates Surviving Hurricane Katrina As An Embryo

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine August 28, 2015

Noah Benton Markham was born 16 months after Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans. The now-8-year-old likes to say he is “Katrina’s youngest survivor.” Police saved his embryo in a floodwater rescue of a New Orleans fertility clinic after the hurricane flooded 80 percent of the city 10 years ago this weekend.

FDA Vulnerability Revealed

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine August 27, 2015

Loud applause erupted when an advisory panel recommended in early June that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approve the first medication to treat low libido in women. Many more must have cheered when the FDA followed the committee’s advice and approved the prescription drug, which will go by the name Addyi, on 18 August.

How Babies are Really Made: Researchers Find Sperm Use a Tiny 'Harpoon' to Attach Themselves to Eggs

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine August 27, 2015

Researchers have made a groundbreaking discovery that explains how eggs are fertilised. A 14 year study concluded that sperm harpoon the egg to facilitate fertilization.Researchers found a protein within the head of the sperm forms spiky filaments, suggesting that these tiny filaments may lash together the sperm and its target.

The 1 Birth Control Pill Risk You Should Know About Above All Else

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine August 27, 2015

The Internet is flooded with information about contraception these days, and you have probably heard your fair share about IUDs and diaphragms and any other form of birth control that is available through your insurance provider. As you're wading through the muck of statistics, though, there are a few things you need to pay attention to more than others. If you're either currently taking the birth control pill or you're shopping around for new contraception, listen carefully — because the most significant risk you face when you choose the Pill is developing blood clots.

Six Things Never to Say to Someone Who's Pregnant After Infertility

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine August 26, 2015

Getting pregnant can often elicit a colorful array of responses—not only from family and friends, but also from strangers. Saying the right thing can make a big difference in supporting a pregnant woman you care about.


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