Exhibiting at the ASRM Annual Meeting

The ASRM Annual Meeting boasts an attendance of more than 5000 experts from around the world to address current topics related to human reproduction. These experts include obstetrician/gynecologists, andrologists, urologists, reproductive endocrinologists, genetic counselors, embryologists, mental health professionals, lab technicians, and nurses among others.

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Method of Assigning Booth Space

The Exhibit Hall at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s Annual Meeting is established to provide space to promote products, services and educational material determined by ASRM to be of interest to ASRM members and their guests and consistent with ASRM’s mission. ASRM reserves the right to review each Exhibitor’s content prior to assigning the space and may decline to offer space to any applicant at ASRM’s sole discretion. Application for exhibit space must be made on the Official Exhibit Space Application and Agreement form. Applications will not be accepted without payment in full.


For further information please contact:

Exhibit Marketing & Management
American Society for Reproductive Medicine
1209 Montgomery Highway
Birmingham, Alabama 35216-2809
Phone: (205) 978-5000
Fax: (205) 978-5005
Email: edebruge@asrm.org or dhanson@asrm.org 


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