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ASRM Members Encouraged to Tweet Their Members of Congress About Harmful Spending Cuts

May 29 , 2013
by: ASRM Office of Public Affairs
Published in ASRM Bulletin vol 15, No. 19

As Congress tackles the federal budget, ASRM is working with a number of coalitions that have joined together to protect programs that provide critical services to Americans. ASRM is particularly concerned about drastic cuts to the National Institutes of Health and the funding of important scientific and medical research in reproductive health. 

NDD United, a national coalition of 3,200 organizations working to stop budget cuts to core government functions has created a video to educate policymakers, the press, and the public about the disproportionate cuts non-defense discretionary programs –  including employment and training, research, public health, education, public safety, housing, social services, infrastructure, and environmental protection – have taken as a result of deficit reduction efforts and how these cuts will impact our daily lives. 

To view the video go to:

Now that you have viewed the video, you can help spread the word. You can:

  1. Share the video with your colleagues, blogs, and through social media (on Twitter use #NoMoreCuts). NDD United has created a toolkit for suggestions on how to share the video.

  2. Join the NDD United Twitter Storm on Thursday, May 30 from 9am-5pm ET  to Tweet your Members of Congress with stories of impact, links to articles and blog posts, and to urge Congress to find a balanced approach to deficit reduction. Use #NoMoreCuts join the conversation! 

  3. How are these cuts impacting your program? How will that affect your program ability to provide vital core public services? Will staff be reduced? Will those that depend on the services your program provides have less access to critical services? Will waiting lists expand? These stories are needed to help us paint a picture for policymakers, press, and the public of the real world impacts these cuts will have. Share your story about the impact of the sequester on your program at!contact/ch8q.

 Help to educate policymakers and the press on the harmful impact of sequestration and encourage a balanced approach to deficit reduction.  

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