Trilogy 07 - IFFSS/WHO Trilogy: ART in the Developing World

Date:October 15, 2013

Time:11:15 am - 12:45 pm

Location:Boston Convention and Exposition Center


Sheryl Ziemin Vanderpoel, Ph.D. (Moderator), World Health Organization

Ernestine Gwet Bell, M.D. (Moderator), Clinique Medicale Odysee

Access to Reproductive Medicine in the Developing World
Willem Ombelet, M.D., Ph.D.
University of Genk 

Cost Effective Protocol in In Vitro Fertilization
Korula George, M.D.
Bangalore Baptist Hospital 

Towards Universal Infertility Care: An IVF System Designed for Low Settings in the Developing World

Jonathan Van Blerkom
The Univeristy of Colorado 


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