PG08: Criteria For World-Class Performance Excellence

Date:October 12, 2013

Time:8:15 am - 5:00 pm

Location:Room 257 - Boston Convention and Exhibition Center


Joseph J. Travia, Jr., M.B.A. (Chair), Center for Reproductive Medicine

Paul A. Bergh, M.D., Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey

Barbara Scmidt-Kemp, B.A., North Star Consultants, LLC


Developed in Cooperation with the Association of Reproductive Managers

Systems-based practice

Reproductive medicine facilities are confronted with more challenges than ever before from patients expecting world-class service and results. With slower annual growth and a competing global economy, being good is no longer an option; patients want the best. Patients are well informed through social media and other Internet resources, and their expectations for good outcomes continue to rise. Their initial selection of a clinic will be based on cutting-edge technology and published results. If patients remain with their initial selection, that decision will be based on the level of service they received during their first visit. Scientific breakthroughs continue to provide new opportunities for meeting the needs of assisted reproductive technology (ART) patients world-wide. 

This live course is designed for practitioners wanting to create a world-class experience for their patients through performance excellence at every level of their organization. From creative leadership, strategic planning, patient focus, measurement, analysis and knowledge management to work environment and employee engagement, this course will enable every participant to contribute significantly to their practice's reach for excellence. 

At the conclusion of this course, participants should be able to:

  1. Formulate the critical logistics of strategic planning and implementation, with a focus on patient recruitment and retention.
  2. Convert strategic objectives into action plans, along with key action plan indicators to measure competency and performance results in the practice.
  3. Provide a world-class work environment that promotes creative leadership and employee engagement.
  4. Determine the best, most competitive healthcare service offerings for the practice, and the most effective patient and stakeholder communication vehicles to market those opportunities.
  5. Measure, analyze, review and improve performance at all levels of the organization through the information already available in clinical, laboratory, and operations databases.



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